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Rated R
103 Minutes

Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Yasmine Bleeth, Jenny McCarthy

In previous reviews I have said a lot about what the movie was about and described the plot in pretty good detail. I have decided that from now on, starting with this review, I will not really do that anymore. I have my reasons for this and I doubt many of you even care so I am not going to give them. I'm just going to give a really short plot summary that you could find anywhere else on the net. Anyways, Baseketball is basically about two losers who became famous for inventing a new sport. It's a cross between baseball and basketball with a few extra rules addded. One of them is the "psyche-out". This leads to some of the funniest parts of the movie where players on the defending team do anyhting they possibly can think of to distract the player shooting the ball. The entire movie is hilarious and it is just as funny if not funnier than its summer rival There's Something About Mary. I thought that Mary had a better plot, story, and was a better overall movie, but I did have a better time at Baseketball. There is a fair amount of South Park references in the movie that any true South Park should recognize and the entire movie is pretty much directed to the South Park audience. I can't really think of anything else to say, except that if you like South Park, you'll almost definitely like Baseketball.

Marty Gives It: